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About Us

JASSCO Services, Trading & General Contracting Company


About us

Delivering Innovative
Industrial Solutions

JASSCO is a multi-conglomerate which is Diversified in to Industrial Services, Trading & General Contracting. It is based out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

JASSCO is an organization that has become a known name as a contributor & facilitator to many industrial and commercial development complexes within the region. JASSCO has established itself as a leading contracting force in the Kingdom, providing services to key clients in the industrial and commercial sector and by which it is directly or indirectly participating in the economic boom.

JASSCO is Diversified in Industrial Services & Trading. Under Industrial Services JASSCO is Offering its latest Equipments and Highly Dependable Manpower on Contractual Basis to many Projects across Saudi Arabia in fulfilling & catering the requirements to complete many major milestones.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us JASSCO

Why Choose Us
Expertise & Experience

At Makahvi, our legacy is built on a foundation of unparalleled expertise and extensive experience in the realms of contracting and trading.

Comprehensive Solutions

At JASSCO, our commitment is to provide comprehensive services that address every aspect of your project, ensuring seamless execution and unmatched results.

Innovation & Adaptability

At JASSCO, we thrive on the twin principles of innovation and adaptability, leveraging these core values to redefine the landscape of contracting and trading industries.

Customer-Centric Approach

At JASSCO, we understand that each client is unique, and our approach revolves around tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements.

Core Competence

Planning & Development

JASSCO specializes in the planning & development of Procurement related Operations that cater to the administrative process of various industries including Manufacturing, Contracting, Construction and Logistic related Projects. We aim to maximize profitability while maintaining a satisfied consumer base to our clientele network.

Service & Maintenance

In the Service Sector, JASSCO provides precedent services by maintaining its equipments and machines intact by timely repairing and upkeeping them to meet the various critical requirements in the Industry. The maintenance team is backed by professional technicians who are multi-skilled and proficient.

Project & Quality Management

One of the reasons to the continuous success and profitability of JASSCO is by providing superior service to construction and industrial sector which is in compliance to SAFETY and QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS that are live up toall the expectations of our customers

JASSCO Services, Trading & General Contracting Company KSA

High work achievements

Successfull Projects
Team of Experts
Satisfied Clients
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